What is the purpose of StalkPhish.io?
StalkPhish.io is a SaaS application which provides enriched data about potential phishing URL or brand impersonation use, with a REST API.
Why this name?
StalkPhish.io is based on an open source software (OSS), called StalkPhish, created by the founder of StalkPhish.
Why should I use StalkPhish.io instead of StalkPhish OSS?
This version of StalkPhish is an augmented one (more enrichment, more data sources), you don't need to deploy and maintain a StalkPhish OSS tenant we do it for you. Then you can easily use the StalkPhish.io REST API to retrieve data you need.
Why do I need to register on StalkPhish.io?
Because we need to manage your account in case you loose your password or your API key. Also, we need a valid email address to keep in touch with you regarding your use, needs or experience about StalkPhish.io.
Do you plane to change the prices charged by StalkPhish.io?
For now we offer a free access to our application, of course we will soon start paid offers for the cost of the infrastructure of this SaaS application, the sensors and the work behind this tool. Anyway for now there's no reason to shutdown the free access.
How can I use my API key?
The token, or API, key should be included in an Authorization HTTP header. The key should be prefixed by the string literal "Token", with whitespace separating the two strings, like this cUrl command:
curl -X GET -H "authorization: Token 739aec689724c45066689ce03385e3abf38d2f54" https://api.stalkphish.io/api/v1/search/url/wellsfargo
What sources do you use in StalkPhish.io?
We use several OSINT sources as many URL we found here and there and in relation with phishing campaigns.