We collect, enrich, deliver actionable data
about brand impersonation and phishing.

We help you protecting your customers and your brand image!

What we do?

At StalkPhish we create tools to detect and analyse phishing and brand impersonation campaigns. To fight those threats we decided to bring you another data source, in SaaS mode.

What is StalkPhish.io?

StalkPhish.io is based on the free software StalkPhish that we have been developing for several years now. StalkPhish.io parse several OSINT sources related to phishing, it enrich information, then try to extract phishing kit sources and informations they can contain. StalkPhish.io provides a REST API which allows you to use this feed for your everyday phishing/brand impersonation detection.

Who is it built for?

StalkPhish.io is designed by and for teams of IT security experts (SOC, CSIRT/CERT) from companies targeted by brand impersonation and phishing campaigns which try to collect personal or banking data from their customers.

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Picture of the founder of StalkPhish.
Thomas 'tAd' Damonneville